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“Facilitating Basic-Needs-Services -
thinking long-term, acting now !”

The Bremen Overseas Research & Development Association, BORDA, was founded as non-for-profit organization in Bremen, Germany, in 1977. Since 2001 we are focusing on development co-operations to provide Basic-Need-Services to the poor in rural and urban areas in Asia and subsahara Africa.

Actual development programs in the framework of improvement of social structure: 

  • Decentralized Water Supply in rural mountain regions
  • Decentralized Power Supply in rural mountain regions (DERES)
  • Decentralized Wastewater Management in poor communities and public institutions (DEWATS)
  • Community Based Sanitation in poor urban settings (DEWATS/CBS)
  • Decentralized Solid Waste Management in poor urban settings (densely populated urban districts (DESWAM)
  • Quality- and Knowledge Management

Characteristics of work:

  • Immediate verifiable impact of measures
  • High rate of sustainability of project implementations and services
  • Demand-oriented, bottom-up, multi-stakeholder approach
  • Application of proven environmentally friendly technologies
  • Applied Quality- and Knowledge Management
  • Building of local capacity, competence and expertise
  • Active networking and co-operation with policy makers, civil society
    organizations, research institutes and private sector
  • Supporting MDG‘s and Agenda 21
  • Immediate verifiable impact of measures

„What cannot be sustained should not be done“




Bremer Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Überseeforschung und Entwicklung
(BORDA e.V.)
28359 Bremen, Fahrenheitstr. 9
Tel: ++49-421-13 7 18