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Caritas International

Caritas Germany is a founding member of the umbrella organisation of all Caritas associations, the CARITAS INTERNATIONALIS in Rome, which speaks for more than 165 active Caritas members whose support and influence cover nearly 200 countries and regions all over the world.

One of the main tasks of the International division is emergency aid. Because of its working structures in case of emergencies we can become active in nearly every country of the world. Emergency aid does not only mean to bring relief after an emergency has happened, but also to do prevention work and create approaches for longer-term development. The aim of Caritas Germany's relief work is to motivate the people on the spot to help themselves and organise themselves accordingly.

Through its projects for social services Caritas Germany supports primarily those human beings who cannot or do not participate in the general process of development in their respective countries. The social work/project support of Caritas Germany concentrates on three major sectors:

  • projects for children and youths
  • projects for people with disabilities
  • projects for old and sick people

All social services supported by Caritas Germany are linked up with church-based organisations, regions, NGOs or other local structures. They are carried out through self-help, voluntarism and professionalism. The aim is to strengthen the communities and enable those at the edge of society to lead a life which is worth being called human. Caritas Germany co-operates with the local Caritas structures - only that way is it possible to help in the best manner. All important projects are developed and designed together with national or local partners, their impact is regularly checked and the results are evaluated.