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DGB Bildungswerk

Low wages, poor health, safety and environmental standards and little freedom of association and negotiation in many countries of the South combined with international jostling for foreign investment increasingly jeopardize the rights and social achievements of workers in the industrialized world.

More than ever before, unions must act and cooperate internationally. We want to globalise solidarity and stand against neo-liberal policy and turbo capitalism.

For two decades the training institute of the German Trade Union Federation DGB Bildungswerk has been supporting development education and international projects of trade unions in Germany and in developing and transformation countries. Through our North-South-Network we are promoting human und trade union rights, international social and labour standards and sustainable economy.

Labour and education, work and income are our main topics. In Germany and in our partners countries we are lobbying for the ILO core labour standards. We support programmes against unemployment and poverty in the Brazilian Amazon region as well as in KwaZulu/Natal, South Africa.

We support E-learning in South African trade unions, cooperatives in Argentina and a trade unions newspaper in Namibia. We fund a youth radio project in Cape Town and seminars on occupational health and safety in Brazil.