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It is by far the largest businessorganisa-tion in Germany in terms of membership with more than 16million members. DGRV is re-sponsible i.a. for coordination andprotection of interests, for instance in matters related to businessadministration, accounting, human resource development, managementorganisation and data processing.

More than 900,000 cooperative enterprises are working worldwide for over 500 million members and clients. For many of them, they are a way to lift themselves out of poverty.

Cooperatives open access to the market and make hundred thousands of manufacturers, farm-ers, traders and micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises fit for the market. They strengthen their competitiveness and are a cornerstone of market societies. Their activities are meant to meet their members’ needs and are based on eco-nomic success.

Cooperative enterprises primarily serve the economic interests of their members, i.e. of their owners. This „supporting mission“, often stipulated in cooperative laws, is the reason for their existence. The basic principles are self-help, self-administration and self-responsibility.

In many countries of the world, DGRV carries out consultancy and development projects to improve cooperative systems, i.e. the cooperatives and their link-up institutions and enter-prises in the financial sector, the small-scale commodity and service industry (SMEs), and the agricultural sector.

DGRV’s project activities mainly focus on co-operative law and by-laws, banking law, bank-ing supervision, cooperative audit systems, qualification of personnel, organisation and man-agement, EDP, microfinance with the poor and building up of cooperative enterprises.